Zine: Wolves of Vinland – A Critical Look at a Fascist “Counter-Cultural Tribe” in the Pacific Northwest

Days after the election in 2016, Rose City Antifa published an article on the Wolves of Vinland, a quickly growing fascist motorcycle gang with ties to neo-Nazi organizations throughout the Pacific Northwest. 1312 Press formatted the article into zine format for easy tabling and dissemination in the music scenes up and down the Puget Sound, and the zine found much traction at metal shows across many different venues.

Last month, Shane Burley published a report called “Total Life Reform” that catches us up on what the Wolves of Vinland have been up to for the last four years alongside the rise and fall of alt-right terror cells across the country. While Paul Waggener, the co-founder of the Wolves of Vinland, has been busying making money with a pyramid scheme promising subscribers secrets to enhanced masculinity and success, he’s also been honing their politics to a more explicitly fascistic and violence-focused orientation.

We’ve collected these two articles into one zine here in an effort to better spread discussion and analysis of these creeping fascisms. Click here for downloadable zine.