SUBMITTED ZINE: Go Kits for Anti-Fascist Community Defense

This zine was submitted to 1312 Press anonymously. We’re publishing it here for easy distribution, but have had no role in the authoring of this text.

Go Kits for Anti-Fascist Community Defense: Materials, Organization, Deployment, and Uses

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Disclaimer: The following aims to help people be better prepared for and respond to threats in their community.  The goal is for people to learn what items could be useful in protecting themselves and others.  It does not promote violence or illegal activities.  Research all relevant local, state, and federal laws.  When implementing these steps it is important to weigh your needs, potential threats, personal/group capabilities, and potential risks or consequences.


No one is coming to save us.  We cannot rely on the protection of the state or their so called justice system for we are engaged in a three-way fight.  We also cannot expect quarter from fascist elements, nor should they expect it from us.

We keep us safe.

In order for us to keep each other safe we must be ready, willing, and able to defend our communities and bring the fight to them where ever they may be.  This means learning the necessary skills and being physically and mentally capable of engaging effectively.  Everyone should learn some combination of martial arts, medical/trauma aid, recon and surveillance, firearms/squad training, de-escalation, evasion/tactical driving, research/intel, and street/protest tactics.  It is important not to pigeonhole ones self into purely “masculine” ideas of anti-fascism.  Each crew and the community at large needs a variety of skills in order to engage in a diversity of tactics.  We must also have the materials and gear necessary to utilize these skills readily available.  In the following sections we will discuss what items you may need when confronting fascists, how to store them, and how to deploy them.  Find what works for you and your crew.  Take the appropriate precautions as well as the necessary risks.  Be creative, become ungovernable, and dare to win.