SUBMITTED ZINE: Wildpunk – Black Against Civilization

This zine has been anonymously submitted for hosting, and so we publish it here. 1312 Press had no role in writing, transcribing, or designing any part of this zine. The pdf’s can be found at the bottom of this post.

“Wildpunk: Black Against Civilization” is the first English-language translation of writings by Elany, a Black anti-civ anarchist from Switzerland. Her 2021 book Schwarze Saat collected first-time German translations of 85 diverse Black and Indigenous anarchist texts previously available mostly in English. The collection also included several German-original essays written by Elany herself as well as her late dad, Samuel B. “Wildpunk” brings these passionate essays into English:
Scorched Earth, Sick Bodies: The Necessity of Destroying Industry [Elany]
A Black Critique of Civilization [Samuel B]
Tools of Anarchism [Elany]
-Part 1: On Interpersonal Relationships (and Lived Anarchy)
-Part 2: On Decolonization (and the Technological Components of Colonialism)
-Part 3: On Decivilizing (and a Revaluation of the World)
Survival in the Endtimes: A Wildpunk “Manifesto” [Elany and Samuel B]
Elany and Samuel B’s
works tackle the brutal reality that we must demolish industry and civilization rather than attempt to separate them from colonialism, capitalism, and the state. They also examine the inspirations and practices of a decolonial, decivilized anarchism.
This zine hopes to make a small contribution to the task of translating essential anarchist thought by bringing these German-original works into English for the first time. Elany and Samuel B may now enter into direct conversation with the movements they helped to translate.
“Wildpunk: Black Against Civilization” is available for free download in several formats. Alongside a version meant for digital reading and a text-only PDF, files are impressed for printing in both US Letter and A4 paper formats. Both size printing formats have both a High Quality and a Less Ink printing version.
During the translation and layout of “Wildpunk,” Elany was arrested by the Swiss government ( She has remained in investigatory detention since January 9, 2022. The jail has denied her medication has been, restricted her outside contact, and forced her onto a meat and grain jail-diet.
Channeling Elany’s spirit, her partner has called for: “No prison demonstrations and other actions in a certain place because a certain person is imprisoned but actions in all places because prisons exist at all. This would make her heart smile much more. No one is free until everyone is.”
Fire to all the prisons!
Updates and asks on Elany’s case can be found at and via #FreeElany on Twitter and Mastodon.
Support offers or info requests can be directed to
Elany’s original German-language writing and translations can be found at, a “Black-led Ⓐ-Publication about Insurrection, Sabotage & Destruction, Wildness & Queerness, Anti-Leviathan, Anti-Ableism, Black and Indigenous Anarchism, and More.”

What white anarchists have often only theorized was and remains practice for Black and Indigenous peoples.

Colonialism, historically and presently, has a strong technological component. Today’s entire framework of fundamental technologies stems from military research. It is based not only on the exploitation of people in the Global South and their lands, but has always been unleashed against the “enemy” or tested in the colonies, until it finally makes its way into the empire itself.

Anarchists who only struggle to free industry from capitalism must finally face the brutal reality.

Down with industry, down with work.

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